Essential Oils


aromatherapyAromatherapy is a method of healing using very concentrated essential oils which are exracted from plants and are often highly aromatic. It can help create and maintain physical, mental, emotional,spiritual, and social well being of a person. Characteristics of the essential oils used in aromatherapy is similar to that of perfumes as it consists of the smell of which ever plant is used to make it.  

Artificial oils are those that have been poorly distilled, or have other ingredients added to them are not healthy and might harm the user. Proper aromatherapy only uses the highest quality essential oils and works not only from the scent, but also from applying the oils through massage, bathing, or skin care products.

Aromatherapy is holistic and enjoyable as it can cater to the different needs of every person. It is the use of pure essential oils, all of which have scents in both health and beauty treatments. Aromatherapy is extremely effective as it affects mind, body, and psyche all at the same time.

Professional aromatherapists, massage therapists, estheticians and physicians who have received proper training in aromatherapy is well equipped with the knowledge of the bio-chemical effect of each oil. Aromatherapy is used in hospitals, clinics and home care to aid treatment for a wide range of illnesses. When used at home, aromatherapy can prevent the spread of flu, infections, create a peaceful atmosphere,repel mosquitoes, use as first aid for cuts, burns and bruises.

There have been evidence from the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China, and Persia that show that plant essences were used and valued by priests, physicians and healers. Plant essences have been used throughout the ages for healing in incense during religious rituals, perfumes, embalming ointments and for culinary purposes.

Throughout the course of human history the healing properties if plants and their essential oils has been recognized and most people probably had some knowledge about their use. However in recent years, there has been a great rekindling of interest in the practice of aromatherapy with many people using it as a form of treatment.

Some raw materials of essential oils include Allspice berry, Almond seed, Anise seed, Basil leaf, Bay leaf, Bergamot peel, Camphor wood, Cedar wood, Celery seed, Chamomile flower, Cassia bark Citronella Cinnamon leaf or bark Clary sage flowering tops Clove bud Cumin seed Eucalyptus leaf Frankincense resin Geranium flower Ginger rhizome Grapefruit peel Hyssop flower Jasmine flower Juniper berry Lavender flower Lemon peelLemon grass leaf Manuka flower Marjoram flower Melaleuca leaves Myrrh resin Nutmeg oil seed Orange, peel, flower (neroli), leaf (petitgrain) Oregano leaf Patchouli leaf Peppermintleaf Pine leaf Rose flower Rosemary leafRosewood wood Common sage leaf Sandalwood wood Spearmint leaf Tangerine peel Tea tree leaf Thyme leafWintergreen leaf Ylang-ylang flower.