Essential Oils

Essential Oils Diffuser

Essential Oils Diffuser - diffusersDifffusing is one the most popular methods used for essential oils. It evaporates the essential oils so that they can be dispersed or diffused into the air. Diffuse essential oils to create mood, to kill air born germs and viruses, treat colds and coughs, cure sleepless nights, and for better concentration at work or in school.

During diffusion, only a small quantity of oil actually reaches the body, therefore it is a relatively safe way to treat children. It is not reccomended to diffuse essential oils all day long as seven minutes would be sufficient for the best results. Diffusing for a long duration of time would cause the immune system to get used to the scent thus reducing the effect which the essential oil has.

essential oils diffuser - nebulizing diffuserThe Nebulizing Diffuser is the best way to disperse essential oils into the air. The chemistry of the essential oil does not change by heating it or exposing it to metal or plastic materials.

The nebulizing diffuser has a small, aquarium style pump that uses air to disperse the oil, and glass nebulizer designed to break the particles into a fine mist that will stay airborne for quite a long time.

The nebulizer also ionizes the the oil particles allowing them to be more therapeutic.

ceramic diffuserAnother way to diffuse oils is to use ceramic and metal pots with a flame underneath. These diffusers heats up the dish or pot at the top which is filled with water. A few droplets of essential oils is added to the pot or dish and left there to allow it to diffuse.