Essential Oils

Uses Of Essential Oils 


Uses of essential oils - massageMassage is the most familiar method of treatment associated with aromatherapy. Essential oils are able to penetrate through the skin and are absorbed into the body, exerting healing and beneficial influences on internal tissues and organs. The oils used for massage are first dilluted by being mixed with a base and should never be applied directly to the skin in their pure nature in case of an allergic reaction.

An aromatherapist will "design" a full whole body massage based on an accurate history taken from the patient and experience in the use of the essential oils. The oils will be chosen specifically to match the temperature of the patient and also to deal with any particular medical or emotional problems which the patient has.

It is possible to have an aromatherapy massage at home. It is important to ensure that the should always be diluted in a carrier oil for massage.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are fatty oils made from vegetables and nuts. They are chemically different than essential oils, consisting of almost 100% triglycerides. It is generally safe to consume, as they are mild enough to be applied on the skin directly.

Here are some carrier oils :

Sweet Almond - A light, penetrating oil that is good for dry skin.

White Grapeseed - Inexpensive, non-irritating for most skin, even for allergic types.

Avocado - Very nourishing and penetrating.

Olive - Easy to obtain, inexpensive, extremely nourishing to dry skin but has a smell of its own.


aromatherapy bathMost people have experienced the benefits of relaxing in a hot bath to whicha perfumed preparation has been added. Most of these preparations contain essential oils used in aromatherapy.

The additiion of a number of drops of an essential oil to the bath water can cause a soothing and relaxing effect, removing pains and aches, removing fatigue and restoring energy.

In addition, there is the benefit of inhaling the vapours of the oil as they evaporate from the hot water. 


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