Essential Oils

Essential Oils 

essential oilsEssential oils are volatile oils that impart the characteristic odors of plants. It it not only used in aromtherapy, but also in perfumes and food flavorings. In nature, the oils are produced by in munute plant cells or glands. For commercial purposes, essential oils are normally extracted from plant materials using water or solvents. In the ancient civilizations, essential oils have been used for healing or religious rituals. More recently, with the rapid progress in understanding of science and ortodox medincine, there has been a great interest in the healing properties and appplications of essential oils, especially in the field of Aromatherapy.Pure essetial oils should retain its characteristics for one to two years. But once diluted in a base oil, will only last for three months or so before spoiling. They should be stored at constant temperature in a corked dark glass or flip-top container. They will deteriorated quickly when subjected to extreme light and temperature. Aromatherapy is a method of healing using essentiall oils that are highly aromatic to treat the subject.

Essentially, an essential oil is a concentrated, hydrophobic liquid substance that contains relatively volatile aromatic compounds obtained from flora and fauna. They are valuable ingredients in the frangrance and food industries, for their presence usually make up the crux of the completed substance.

As its name suggests, it is important and crucial for certain oils to be used and existing in the human body. While nowadays such oils are mostly used as beautification products, they also possess medicinal properties and therefore play multiple roles in the human lifestyle.

In Singapore, the workload of an average Singaporean, be it student or working aduit, is hectic and it is usually packed together with a burden of stress as well. Together with the consumption of unhealthy junk food, usually, the skin complexion suffers, and that is where the role of such products play their part in enhancing damaged skin.

Common forms of essential oils use are inhalation, bathing, loans and creams, hair treatment, mouthwash and gargle, and massage.

With the weight gaining package of stress and workload in Singapore, more and more people tend to fall ill more easily because of their weakened natural defenses system. As a result, there have been a few methods developed to cater to the people seeking ways to enhance their immunity.

One of the ways to counter the ill effects of stress is the method of aromatherapy -- the process of using natural oils and extracts and usually immersion within the compound. The natural chemicals not only usually enhance skin complexion, but also has stress-relieving capabilities because of the fragrance it emanates.

Aromatherapy usually involves the use of essential oils. Presently, with the huge availabilty of essential oils in the market, aromatherapic treatments are capable of being carried out at home, with simple idiot-proof instructions to follow.

When used for massages, essentials are usually diluted with carrier or base oils. Generally it is not advisable to apply different types of essential oils undiluted.It is very important to use a high quality base oil, as poor quality oil wil hamper the passage of the essetil oil through the skin. A common error for beginners is to use baby oil or mineral oil as base oil. When in fact it is better to use a good quality vegetable oil or nut oil than baby oil and mineral oil. Any vegetable or nut oil such as sweet almond, jojoba, olive, hazelnut, avocado, soya bean, corn or safflower oil can be a good base for essential oils. It is best to use cold-pressed base oil.